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Set Active: About and Sustainable

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In Set Active, they blur the line between form and function, because they believe you should never make choices. They get it — life goes on and on and on — so whether you’re going to the gym, having coffee, going out for fun, or just a go-to, you can make them understand our everyday essentials, and big.

About SET Active.

They are a community first and a brand second, which means they are all about open conversation, constant innovation, and a true relationship with our customers. They live to create what they want, because They are the best when you feel yours.

Set Active
Set Active Image Source: SET Active 

Built to match in monochrome tones, our SET is designed to inspire better confidence through sophisticated styles that never sacrifice comfort. From the life-changing active wear to their growing range of SET sweats, basics, and much more, each piece is cut to perfection, colour-synced into a matching set, and made to assemble.

Always available in our core collection colors that get an annual refresh, They also release select limited-edition rang routes to serve you with surprises and keep our collections fresh. Call us fashion rebels, rule breakers, innovators – They’ll take it. As long as they’re helping you in organizing your favorite closet, They’re SET.

Is It Sustainable?

While the apparel industry is not technically sustainable, They are constantly working to develop our practices to make our brand operate as sustainable as possible. Here are our current exercises:

Limited Edition: Their limited-edition model ensures the minimum amount of apparel waste. They never had to leave any leftover garments after a drop – and They’re not planning any time soon.

Packaging: Their polymellar packaging is made from 40-50% recycled material – and with the EPI additive They use, it becomes biodegradable. Their mailing box packaging is made from 100% recycled material. Their set stickers are made of 30-50% recycled material.

Where Can You Shop For The Set?

SET is exclusively sold online


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