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In paper source, they believe that each moment presents a new opportunity to create something special. From the magazine in which you share your most precious memories, to the stationery that helps you celebrate the simple joys of life, they have thoughtfully designed each boutique paper source location for the last card on the shelf as your inspiration shelter.

What Paper Source Do?

They live by our mission of inspiring you to “do something creative every day.” Whether it’s giving thoughtful gifts, living a well-organized life, creating your project, or celebrating the special moments of life, they  strive to bring joy at every step of your creative journey.

To Give.

Giving is more than just finding the right gift. It has the power to share happiness, to be excited by surprise, and to show those closest to you how much you care. Explore our custom gifts, paper flower bouquets and bizarre and unique discoveries, to tie it together with individual ribbons and wrappings.

To Reside.

From being happy to making your life happier, paper source products are designed to make your best life better. Stay organized with our calendars, planners, and office essentials, then pay attention to your well-being with the most stylish lifestyle accessories of the season.


They are far more motivated by our passion for paper. They see themselves as a team of creatives who help other creatives do what they love every day – with special palettes, art supplies, custom stamps, instructional guides and, of course, endless artistic papers to accomplish it.


Let’s celebrate the extraordinary in the ordinary. To make your next occasion special, find everything you personalise for you by paper source, from the settings of the place to the cake toppers and customizable invitations.

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Paper Source Eco-Story.

At paper source, they live paper for all things. They make crafts, colors, cuts, shapes and prints with paperwork of all shapes, styles and artisan materials. But above all, they cherish, protect and worship every strand of their paper with every filament of their being. They take care to make and ensure that the paper source product puts the environment first, focusing more on sustainability and social responsibility while maintaining our commitment to exceptional, premium quality while you expect from every of its product and experience.

There are a few ways they become green:

  • Partnership with responsible, sustainable forestry mills
  • They donate, reuse and recycle all our scrap paper
  • Their solid colored paper is made up of at least 30% of consumer’s subsequent waste.
  • Handmade, recycled leather palm books and magazines
  • Continuous shipment and packaging materials
  • All catalogues and shopping bags use can be recycled paper and meet all state and national sustainability requirements.
  • Their printers work are with less volatile organic compound (VOCs) emissions and recycle all the ink waste.
  • Many of the colors in paper source envelopes and cards are processed chlorine free (PCF)

*Note: Sets are handmade with renewable material, usually cotton or bark fiber.

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