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Key Food was established on April 20, 1937. Some grocery store owners came to Brooklyn with the idea of using their combined size and strength to provide their customers with the products they needed at lower prices and the rest was history!


To provide our communities with products, services, and resources that satisfy, nourish, and delight our guests and their caregivers.


People to become the premier market every

They choose the community to serve.


As proud members of the Food family, we promise to make your grocery shopping experience welcome, enjoyable, and productive. We appreciate your protection, and we show it by stocking up the quality products you need in the environment that makes shopping convenient and fun. You can always trust us to be responsive to your needs so that we can make the best of our store. As a grocery merchant in your neighbourhood, this is our resolve.

Who Owns Key Food?

Dean Janve – CEO – of Food Stores Co-operative Inc.

How Many Key Food Are There?

There are about 324 key food store over there.

Key Food Service.

This Food Services is a wide distributor who produces fresh produce, dairy, meats, seafood, groceries, disposables, watchman. Specializes in kitchen supplies and much more.

Key Food Image Source: Key Food confirms 23 AandP buys and will operate 2

Is Key Food a Franchise?

Yes, it is a franchise founded in 1937, and stores can be found in New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

How Many Key Food Are There In New York?

It is a food cooperative, based in Matawan, N.J., comprises more than 315 independently owned and corporate supermarkets in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Florida, producing approximately $3.2 billion in annual sales.

What Products Are There In The Food?

It is a fully stocked supermarket that has all the essentials to stock up your kitchen well and your home is thoughtfully kept. The diverse selection complements the way you cook, regardless of how you like to handle the preparation of the food.

If you like to cook fresh food from scratch, you will find plenty of high-quality meat, seafood, and products available. If packaged meals are more of your choice, you can simplify your daily routine with products like frozen Mary’s Calendar’s meal or ready-to-heat Jack Daniels Pulled Chicken. Order ready-to-cook hamburgers, hot dogs and buns for family cookouts, or look for all the ingredients to make your famous casseroles for the pitch-in.

Many stores offer a wide selection of international foods, so that you can easily prepare your family’s traditional favorites. Depending on your location, you can find products like corn masa flour, curry, matzo ball mix, and more.


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