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Happy Holidays 2019!

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Search engine giant Google is celebrating the holiday season for 2019 with a series of new doodles. Just a day before Christmas, Google on Tuesday (December 24) released a new doodle titled ‘Happy Holidays 2019’.

Google said, ‘No matter how you choose to celebrate,’ is the season to enjoy the holiday festivities during the most glorious times. Good holidays of the year!

Happy Holidays 2019!

It should be noted that in the US, the holiday season refers to the time from Thanksgiving to New Year and includes festivals such as Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa.

Tuesday’s Google Doodle shows the GIF of a Santa Claus who is riding on his sled. In Tuesday’s doodle, the second ‘O’ letter of Google’s logo is a snow globe, with Santa riding on his sled and a Christmas tree.

On Sunday (December 21), Google marked the 2019 winter solstice, celebrating the shortest day of the year when earth is farthest away from the sun with a doodle.

Coming up with another heart-warming animation involving a lovely little snowman sitting on earth, depicting the second ‘O’ at Google showing the snowfall with a dark background, Google celebrated the beginning of the winter season in the Northern Hemisphere today. Earth is also portrayed as a child whose big eyes are watching the snowman well.

The word “solstice” is derived from the Latin solstice which means “the sun remains constant”, when the ‘motion of the path of the sun’ stops for a while.


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