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Fake Braces

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What are fake braces? Fake braces are in vogue among adolescents in some countries where orthodontic treatment is associated with a high-dollar lifestyle. And as strange as it may sound, it’s just as good for some to take fake braces, as it is to get a funky haircut or tattoo.

In most cases, these misguided teens are following social media trends and are rarely aware of how unwell it can be.

Fake Braces for Teeth.

Fake braces are made from a piece of wire with brackets same like the real orthodontic braces. The necessary content can be easily found at home and you will find a lot of DIY videos like those below on social media.

Dentists recommend not to use homemade DIY braces.

As easy as it may seem to hear, you should not mess around with your teeth like this. By making braces at home, you can cause irreversible damage to your oral health.

Some teens buy fake braces online instead of making them at home. Usually, they buy them through e-commerce and social media websites such as Amazon, Facebook and Instagram. Despite the major oral health hazards, you’ll find a number of lists selling colored artificial braces.

What Are The Reasons For Getting DIY Braces?

The internet is full of videos where teens show how artificial dental braces can be made and worn at home, giving dentists a lot to worry about. Medical experts believe that teenagers are affected by the following things:

It’s Trendy.

Teens see colored braces as “cool” because braces can change the way you look. But real colored braces are often out of their budget or they don’t really need them. As a result, teenagers make them at home — without realizing side effects.

Fake Braces
Fake Braces Image Source: Ready stock Fake braves only for decoration

Crooked Teeth.

The options for straightening in-clinic teeth for adolescents with limited resources are often very expensive. So to straighten their teeth at the price they can afford, they can start to see DIY braces and use it.

A Symbol Of Prestige.

Braces are very expensive, and it’s human nature that they like to imitate what people with money do. This trend means that adolescents with fewer resources can take advantage of this trend so that they look more prosperous than themselves. Artificial braces can be made with easily available, inexpensive materials, but they can look as real as traditional braces, making DIY braces an unusual position symbol.

How Much Do Fake Braces Cost?

Real braces can cost thousands of dollars, but you can get fake braces for less than $100. And if you’re making them at home, they’ll cost significantly less than the online options. The reason why artificial braces are cheap is simple—they’re not the real deal. They are just a helpful tool for your teeth. So, if you’re in the impression that fake braces can actually straighten your teeth, you’re wrong.


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