Daily Pass : What To Do After Booking Daily Pass?

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Daily Pass lets you become guests for a day at plush hotels and resorts. Without the need to book a room, you can spend the whole day in the swimming pool with their pool pass, while using vouchers to get large discounts on food and drinks.

Their buffet pass allows access to the best buffet restaurants, and their rooftop pass gives you access to the most distinctive rooftop bar with special offers.

What’s Involved When Booking A Daily Pass?

The booking page and emails you receive will clearly mention all the benefits and inclusions, but with the pool pass you may get free access to the pool, a voucher that can be redeemed for drinks and snacks, towels, a welcome drink and free Wi Fi. A buffet pass allows you to access the best buffet, and a rooftop pass allows you to access the best rooftop bar.

What To Do After Booking Daily Pass?

On the day of your daily pass booking, please visit the hotel reception and show you the booking confirmation email you received with a photo ID.

The receptionist can give you an access card for the pool area, as well as more information about how to redeem your voucher. Usually, the voucher will be deducted from your bill when you are ready to check out.

For How Many Time/Hours Is The Daily Pass Valid?

You can check the opening time of each hotel, restaurant and rooftop bar on their website, as well as in your booking confirmation email after booking. Usually, the daily pass is valid for the whole day.

Can Gym Be Used In Hotel?

Some hotels offer daily pass customers free use of fitness or gyms. Other hotels can charge a fee that can be paid with a Daily Pass voucher. This information will be found on the hotel’s page and in the confirmation email you receive after booking.

What Is The Cancellation/Refund Policy?

If you change your mind, you can cancel with a full refund until midnight before the check-in date. Cancellations received after midnight before check-in will not be refunded in accordance with their cancellation policy.

Please note that if you are eligible for a refund, they process it immediately when you request a cancellation. However, depending on your bank’s policy, it may take up to 1 billing cycle (30-45 days) for the refund to appear in your bank account.

What To Do If Email Is Not Received?

Please check if you have received the email in your junk mail folder. If so, consider adding hello@dailypass.com to your address book.

If you still don’t see the email, please contact them at hello@dailypass.com with your correct email address and they will send your confirmation email again. There was probably an error in your email address when you registered on their website.

Is It Safe To Enter Credit Card Details?

They have industry standard advanced security for online purchases on your credit or debit card. Before entering your payment details, check again that the lock icon is displayed in your browser’s address bar before the URL of their website.

It means that you have a secure connection to their system, and you can safely enter your credit or debit card information.

RRH Daily Pass.

It is a daily work pass for employee for screening of possible covid symptoms.  This is the user guide on how to use it.

You have to use the steps below for employee investigation of possible COVID-19 symptoms.

Each day:

1. Scan the QR code from your mobile phone or enter the www.Rrhdailypass.Org in your browser.

2. Log in to the site using your RRH credentials, not 2 hours before your shift.

3. Complete self-assessment and click on submit.

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