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A new deeper romance comes from New York Times bestselling author Penelope Douglas, another best selling book written by his Corrupt.

Corrupt Penelope Douglas Summary.

Erica Fenn falls in love with her ex-boyfriend Trevor’s older brother Michael Christ. It was a huge deal when Michael was in school, and now he’s a professional basketball player. Erica is about to move to the second year of college in another city and she can’t wait to get away from her mother, who has been in drug-induced lethargy since the death of Erica’s father, and Trevor, who haunts her. Trevor and Michael’s family is full. So is Erica’s family. So is Erica – who for some reason makes no sense, she is called Rica. How old are these people?

Erica is 19 years old and Michael is 23 or 24 years old. Corrupt is creating the new adult. Anyway, Erica has always believed that Michael hated her, especially when she was sixteen and she started hanging out with Michael and his three besties Kai, Will and Damon, collectively known as The Four Horseman. Devil’s Night Prank jailed Kai, Damon and Will for three years, but now they are out and they are looking for revenge. That’s where Michael comes in: he’s going to help them, because after all, he hates Rica too. Not just that.


Why It’s Terrible?

No one behaves like these people. Seriously. None. Can we have some erotic character development, please? Here’s my best example of a crazy city. Once everyone except Damon discovers that Rica is not the reason why three of the four horsemen ended up in clunks, Michael and Erica settled into the relationship for which we should all be rooted. They start making in the steam room, only to find out that Kai is also in the steam room. So what does the girl do?

Douglas is a fan of repeating himself. A disturbing way is that she’s telling us which song is on the car radio, the CD player, from where the music comes from.

  1. It is anti-border women. We must believe that Michael’s feelings for Rika are just as powerful as Rika’s feelings for Michael, yet he often treats her like nonsense.

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