Bruce Mcgill: Career and Other Facts

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Bruce McGill is an actor who has decades of experience in the acting industry. He is best known for playing the role of Ron Motley in the film The Insider. His path to fame was not easy as he had bad days, especially during his time as an unemployed actor in New York. Here’s all you need to know about McGill.

Age and Early Life.

Bruce McGill was born on 1950, 11th July, in San Antonio, Texas. He is the son of Woodrow Wilson McGill, a real estate and insurance agent, and Adreal Rose (Nee Jacobs), an artist.

His father has Irish, English, and distant French ancestry on his side, and on his mother’s side is the Jewish Ashkenazi dynasty. Bryce has a small sister named Pamela and a brother named David.

He belongs to former Texas Senator A.R Babe Schwartz.

Bruce McGill studied at Wilshire Elementary School and later went to Douglas MacArthur High School in San Antonio. After that, he had earned a degree in drama from the University of Texas at Austin, USA.

Shortly after he completed his graduation, he moved into acting, but things were not bright for him because at times he could sit in the New York City casting office waiting for films roles. Later he moved to Los Angeles where his big break in acting came.

Bruce Mcgill
Bruce Mcgill Image Source: Bruce McGill


Bruce McGill started his acting career in 1977 when he appeared in a small role in the film “Handle with Care”. A year later, he played Daniel Simpson “D-Day” in the 1978 comedy classic “National Lampoons Animal House” where he played William Tell Overture by drumming his fingers on his windpipe.

He made his television debut in the television series “Delta House”, which was a spinoff of “National Lampoons Animal House”. His other television guest roles were in “Quantum Leap” where he played the Weird Ernie.

After being called by mistake he got a role in the TV series “Babylon 5” (casting Everett wanted McGill), but the producers were so impressed that he gave him the part.

When he became good friends with director Michael Mann, he appeared for the first time in his three films “The Insider”, “Ali” and “Collateral”. He appeared in Michael Mann’s another production “Miami Vice”. Bruce also featured in “Star Trek: Voyager” as Captain Braxton in the relativity episode.

He played the role of Willard Keats in the short-lived series “Wolf Lake”. Bruce McGill plays the character of the veteran Boston Police Homicide Detective Vince Korsak in the TNT television crime drama, Rizzoli & Isles.

Korsak’s character is the mentor and friend of detective Jane Rizzoli portrayed by Angie Harmon. Korsak saved Rizzoli’s life from Charles Hoyt, a serial killer. Hoyt was about to stab Rizzoli, just before Korsak shot Hoyt’s companion. He has mostly played a friend for the lead character in his career.

Family and Net Worth.

Bruce McGill is a very thoughtful person when it comes to issues related to his personal life. In 1994, he married Gloria Lee. Since then, the two have been married.

Bruce was not found linked to an extramarital affair. Being married for 25 years, is something that is actually going out of style, especially in Hollywood there is something that is commendable.

He has been in the acting industry for about four decades. He has the credit for acting for a long time and he is still going strong. Bruce McGill is valued at $2 million according to celebrity net worth.

However, the actor may be more valuable after his heavy involvement in some of the lead roles. He never disclosed his salary before, the actor hardly does anyway.

Bruce McGill: Height and Other Facts.

Bruce McGill’s height is 5 feet 9 inches or 179 meters. He weighs about 172 pounds or 78 kg. Bruce is an excellent pianist and also enjoys sailing and golf. He is not so much active on social media channels.

He stays in touch with his co-star Richard Dean Anderson on “McGiver”. Bruce is also known for stage acting for the National Shakespeare Company and later the Trinity Square Repertory Company of Providence.

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