Indian Spices for Weight Loss

Indian Spices for Weight Loss

Indian Spices for Weight Loss: It’s not that easy to reduce weight. Many people follow all these things like regular exercising, taking care of the diet to reduce weight. In the same time, you may follow some tips such as consuming green tea, drinking hot water on an empty stomach etc. All these tips are … Read more

What Kind Of Cranberry Juice For UTI?

What Kind Of Cranberry Juice For UTI

What Kind Of Cranberry Juice For UTI? Apples, bananas, oranges, pomegranates, papayas are some of the fruits you eat in every season and we all know about the benefits of eating them. But we’re telling you about exotic fruits that few people know about but are beneficial for health in many ways because of their … Read more

Are Hash Browns Healthy?

Are Hash Browns Healthy

Are Hash Browns Healthy? Are you fond of eating hash browns in breakfast? Do you think these grated potatoes and spices are good to eat together? Are you curious to know if Hash Browns is healthy or not? Well, every recipe that contains potatoes is considered unhealthy due to the myth that potatoes contains fat. … Read more

Madura Foot: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Madura Foot

Madura foot is the most common form of disease known as ‘Maduromycosis‘, an results from an infection which may ultimately cause severe deformity. More rarely, Maduromycosis affects other parts of the body. Although the disease is uncommon in cooler climates, between two and ten new cases of Madura foot are reported every year in the … Read more

Preventive Measures on Coronary Arteries

coronary arteries

The coronary arteries are the vessels which supply blood to the heart itself. They are particularly prone to partial or total obstruction by atheroma—the process of fatty build-up caused by many factors, but principally excessive stress, sedentary living, smoking and an unhealthy diet. Obstructed coronary arteries are the cause of heart attacks; and disease of … Read more

Do’s and Don’ts of Lisping for Your Child

Do's and Don'ts of Lisping

Most children lisp when they are learning to talk. This is simply because some sounds are harder to make than others—the most difficult being S and R. Lisping occurs when an S sound is mispronounced as ‘th’. So, to prevent this situation we will tell you some important do’s and don’ts of Lisping. How Speech … Read more

Leukoplakia: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


The white patches characteristic of leukoplakia are usually well defined, often thickened, raised, or both, and develop at various sites, mostly in the mouth, but also in the genital region. The condition mainly affects men between the ages of 40 and 70. However, leukoplakia is what is known as pre-cancerous, meaning that it can lead … Read more

Dementia: Types, Causes and Treatment


Dementia is usually characterized by a progressive deterioration of a person’s mental faculties. It can affects men and women alike. The condition often involves brain damage or atrophy; both are irreversible. In certain cases, however, dementia can be delayed. Types and Causes of Dementia. Of the many types of dementia, the commonest has no proven … Read more

Cramp: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


Cramp is a painful and involuntary contraction of a muscle or group of muscles. Cramp in the limbs occurs most commonly in the legs, affecting the muscles in the calf or the thighs. It comes on suddenly and without warning, sometimes when the person is deeply asleep. The muscle fibers contract into a hard knot … Read more

Do’s and Don’t In Chapped Skin for Baby

Chapped Skin

Chapped skin or chafing is the wearing away of the protective layer of skin over a specific area, most commonly in the softer skin of the joints and other body creases. It is usually caused by the rubbing of tough material over soft skin, but without sufficient force to produce a blister or enough pressure … Read more